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Leanna. 19, somewhere in Pennsylvania. I go to West Chester University and play oboe, clarinet, mellophone, and baritone and march in a drum corps. I'm also a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi.

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Are you in a relationship? For how long?


I have no idea when this was sent I’m sorry if this is late
And yes we’re calling this thing a relationship (it’s long distance so it really sucks) and for almost six months now wow
Thanks for the question!

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Day 5

We left Cork this morning and headed to Limerick to check out King John’s Castle before our match. We wandered around and had fun wearing costumes and climbing the towers and using the swords. After wandering through the city a bit we travelled to our second match against St. Mary’s and won 57-10. The coach was hella pissed that we were Americans beating his team (the coach was also the ref so there were bullshit calls left and right it was actually ridiculous). After the match we hung out with the team for a bit and then came back to the hotel for dinner and showers and ice baths. Also the WiFi still sucks so I give up on posting pictures. End of day five yeah!

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Day 4

This morning we left Dublin and headed for Cork. But first we stopped at Blarney Castle to roam around (and possibly kiss the stone (I did it was actually really scary)). It was beautiful there, like everywhere in this country. We went to Cork to wander in shops and then headed to our hotel. There’s some sort of prom thing going on and we decided to go crash it. It was all like sixteen year olds and we showed up wearing random shit and danced with them for a while it was probably the most fun I’ve had at a dance ever. They thought we were the shit too, all the guys came over and we could see the girls getting jealous. Best part was our coach dared us to do it (she didn’t think we’d get in) so we did. Fuck yeah. Also the WiFi in this hotel sucks so I won’t be able to upload pictures until tomorrow night. End of another awesome day in Ireland.

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Day 3: Wicklow mountains cont.

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Day 3: Wicklow mountains

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Guys come on we’re getting beat by the Americans
The entire Irish rugby team as we’re beating them
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Day 3

This was definitely the best day of the trip so far. We started out by going to the Wicklow mountains (like an hour outside of Dublin) and had about two hours to roam around. It was so gorgeous there holy shit. And the sun was out it was just so beautiful. Also we got really close to some mountain goats without even realising it who does that. Then we ate lunch in a local pub and it was delicious (I had beef and Guinness stew) and went into Wicklow for our first match! And we won! And we had a social afterward with food and music and singing and dancing and drinking and lots of imitating of accents. Everyone is so friendly it’s really great, and I made some new friends. So yeah today was awesome and I’m totes uploading pictures because Irish mountains are fucking gorgeous. End of day 3.

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Day 2: Croke Park

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Day 2

Second day in Dublin woohoo! We went to a professional trainer in the morning and got some great training in from him as well as one of the players from the women’s national team (!!!!!). We then went to Croke Park (a stadium) to watch Gaelic football. It’s like a mix of soccer and rugby it’s cool and weird. We then came back to the hotel for dinner and then went on a ghost tour. It was pretty freaking cool, and our guide’s accent was wonderful. There are pubs and bars everywhere and the adults have gone bar hopping both nights we’ve been here but we have a match tomorrow so I didn’t go out tonight. Hopefully we won’t get killed! End of day two, good night.

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Day 1: Trinity College & Old Library

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